Home Doctor

Home Visits

Our PC Doctors can visit you at home at a time to suit, either during the day or in the evening. We will always show our ID and take our shoes off when entering your home. We'll be friendly and courteous and wil do everything we can to help, no matter how small the problem is.

Computer Repairs

We can carry all sorts of computer and laptop repairs including Windows. Whether something has broken, needs fixing, repairing or updating you can be sure we have the skills to deal with it. We aim to resolve most issues on site.

Slow Computer

Your PC was once fast, everything worked smoothly and you were happy. But time has taken its toll and your faithful friend has slowed down and is not the sprightly character of old. The Home Doctor can cure slowness with a full system clean-up that will breathe new life into your computer! 

Virus Removal

If you are getting strange messages, unusual pop-ups or your computer is just behaving badly then you may have a virus on your PC. The Home Doctor has several remedies for this and will soon have your PC well in no time with virus removal, a computer clean-up and updated antivirus software.

Internet Problems

Your internet was once working fine but now…it’s not. Repeat disconnections, intermittent cut-offs or suspect faulty equipment.  After multiple calls to a far-away call-centre you’re probably exasperated and just need home help. The Home Doctor can troubleshoot your internet problems and find out what’s going wrong.

Wireless Issues

Computers, Tablets and Smart phones all use your home wireless connection. When it all goes wrong , all your devices will be cut off leading to annoyance, frustration and disruption when it should “just work”. We’ll come to you home and once diagnosed will aim to get your wireless network up and running.

Cloud Backup

We now offer an Unlimited Cloud Backup facility for £10 per month. Support for both PC and Mac. All your files are backed up online. No technical knowledge needed. Simply fill out the Contact form to the right and we will be in touch!


Our prices:  
First Hour £60

Second hour +


Sample prices :

Set up printer  £60

Set up wireless network

Set up printer  £60
Virus removal £60
Reinstall System (Factory reset) £105
PC Clean-up, Pop-Up removal and speed-up. £60-£105
Laptop Screen replacement (includes screen) £120

Payment Options

We're happy to accept all Visa Debit and Credit cards as well as Mastercard. We also accept American Express.